Welcome to Brandon Seventh-day Adventist Church
Welcome to Brandon Seventh-day Adventist Church
Welcome to Brandon Seventh-day Adventist Church
Welcome to Brandon Seventh-day Adventist Church
Welcome to Brandon Seventh-day Adventist Church

Our main focus is to defend and safeguard the civil right of all people to worship or not to worship, to adopt a religion or belief of their choice, to manifest their religious convictions in observance, promulgation, and teaching, subject only to the respect for the equivalent rights of others; support the right of religious organizations to operate freely in every country by their establishing and owning charitable or educational institutions; and organize local, regional, and national chapters as well as seminars, and congresses. The goal of this ministry is universal and non-sectarian. The Seventh-day Adventist Church State council serves to protect religious groups from legislation that may affect their religious practices. This is primarily achieved through advocacy. Recently the organization has been fighting to pass legislation that will protect Seventh-day Adventist employees who wish to keep their Sabbath.

About this ministry -
(taken from nadfreedom.org)

The North American Religious Liberty Association (NARLA) exists to ensure that all peaceful people of faith are accorded our fundamental right to not only hold our beliefs but to actively practice our faith. We also work to ensure religion is not co-opted by the state through direct regulation or through finanacial control.

Religious liberty is important for all citizens!

The first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the free exercise of religion. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides protection against religious discrimination in general, and the Equal Employment Act of 1972 provides protection against religious discrimination in employment. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides protection against discrimination on the basis of religion. Citizens and guests of Bermuda enjoy constitutionally protected religious freedom. The governments of Bermuda and Britain have historically honored high standards of human rights.

We here at the North American Division Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (NAD PARL) are an Adventist organization that is dedicated to protecting the religious freedoms of people of all religions and denominations.

The North American Division Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (NAD PARL) Department is committed first to protect the religious freedom of all citizens of North America regardless of religious preference or church standing. A special emphasis is placed on protecting individual rights regarding the two great God-given institutions which extend from creation: the family and the Sabbath. Secondly, we are committed to promoting sound public policy which may impact the family in general and the family of God in particular. In the interest of protecting religion and religious freedom, we seek to advance an appreciation for the gospel with public officials in government, in corporate America, in the labor union movement, and in all areas where influence is exercised in the development and implementation of public policy. NAD PARL supports the constitutions of the countries of North America, upholds the concept of church-state separation, and promotes the commitment to free exercise of religion.

Religious Liberty

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